Flexible Least-Squares Solution Software: LSQ

The LSQ application is a free (as in beer) software tool to solve arbitrary overdetermined linear and nonlinear equation systems. If there is some interest in this application, I might release the source code (C#) at a later time.


  • Math equation parser
  • Supports linear and nonlinear systems
  • Outlier detection with normalized residuals and global t-test
  • L2 (best linear unbiased estimator) and robust BIBER method (Wicki, 1998)

Get LSQ for Windows (457 KB)



Link to documentation (PDF) with a small example adjustment process: LSQ.pdf

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

LSQ data LSQ stat LSQ settings
Lynx - Multiplayer Zombie Shooter

Lynx is my latest and completely self written C++ 3D engine. I've started this project in 2007 and I am still happy with the codebase. In 2009 I've uploaded the source code to Google Code as open source software (GNU General Public License v2).


  • Multiplatform support (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • OpenGL 2.0
  • Shadow mapping, per-pixel lighting
  • Lag tolerant multiplayer with cubic movement interpolation
  • Dedicated server
  • Blender as a map editor + custom bsp compiler
  • Did I mention zombies?

Get from Google Code (source code only)


Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Lynx Lynx Lynx
Vim color scheme: Blueshift

Not really a project: this is a color scheme for my favourite text editor Vim.


  • Clean and bright coding environment
  • Visual Studio colors

Get Blueshift from vim.org


Screenshot (click to enlarge)

Ray of Light - Multiprocessor realtime raytracer

Writting a ray tracing application is fun, as the math behind it is straightforward. Though a dual core CPU is just not fast enough for complex scenes and the code itself code is not very optimized. I might get back to this program with a 32 core CPU...


  • Multithreaded raytracer
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Nice colorful spheres

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Ray of Light screen 1 Ray of Light screen 2
What is Orca?

Orca is a small 3D first person shooter (FPS), designed and programmed by Victor Rühle, Tobias Lawrenz and me. We've developed Orca in our spare time as a non-commercial project for learning purposes.

Engine Features
  • Direct3D Rendering
  • Terrain Renderer
  • Bonemodel System
  • User Modification (mods) Interface
  • Particle System
  • TCP/IP Internet Multiplayer support

Get Orca for Windows (2318 KB)


Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Orca Orca Orca
Orca Orca Orca

Wombat is a multiplayer space combat game, I've developed together with Victor Rühle and Tobias Lawrenz. Like Orca, Wombat is a non-commercial project we programmed just for fun.

  • Extensible OO design
  • Multiplatform (Windows/Linux Server and Client)
  • Low-bandwidth multiplayer capable (i.e. playable via 56k modem)
  • Designing and implementing a solid and reusable gaming toolkit library

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Wombat Screenshot 1 Wombat Screenshot 2 Wombat Screenshot 3
Wombat Screenshot 4 Wombat Screenshot 5 Wombat Screenshot 6
Sector based rendering engine and Maya converter

After Orca and Wombat I became interested in "indoor game environments" and the powerful 3D program Maya from Alias|Wavefront. So I wrote a sector based engine and a Maya converter to transform a Maya Scene into my own level file format.

My goals for this project were:
  • Using DirectX 9
  • Learning the Maya API


Maya Wireframe

Level editing in Maya

Maya Converter

Inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies, I got interested in crowd systems. Thus the project name: "krautsystem". I've programmed a Java application to simulate groups of "fighting" entities.

My goals for the Krautsystem were:
  • Watching the behaviour of flocking entities
  • A solid and extensible 2D Java game engine



Blue vs. Red without obstacles


Blue vs. Red in an environment with green obstacles


Displaying the enemy network


We (Victor, Toby and myself) developed Army3D over the weekend in a small summerhouse, to see how far we can get if we work non-stop as a team.

Our goals for the Army3D project were:
  • Develop as much as possible in a given time frame

This was our summerhouse (somehow it reminds me of a garage):

Garage days

Toby created a reference image (left image) and we tried to achieve the look in game (right image).

Vision Reality